Spring Update

Spring greetings dear friends and shareholders! After an immense and intense 2013 season, we have been enjoying a slightly slower pace over the winter; planning, catching up on desk work, feeding the wood stove, and getting in some good ice walking practice. With all that time for reflection, we've come to few practical, yet difficult decisions going into this growing season. 
For starters, we will not be regularly attending any farmers markets this year. Sure, there's a chance we might pop in for a day or two, but please don't hold your breath. We have small children that miss us, great food we like to cook, a farm to-do list long enough to reach the sun, and just too few hours in the day to find balance during the lovely, exciting grind of market season. Please forgive us for bowing out and come find our food in one of the many other places we have them on offer. Like, 

  1. The Meat Share. This season's share is 8 months long, delivers to LR, feeds two, offers add-on eggs, and costs $806. Shares are still available- check the web for more info.
  2. Restaurants. We keep Hillcrest Artisan Meats and South on Main well stocked in pork and expect more regular appearances at Boulevard Bread, The Fold, and The Root Cafe this spring.
  3. Online Farmer's Markets. A year-round farmer's market on the internet! Conway and Little Rock options, click the links to the left for more.

The other 2014 game change? This year we will only grow meat chickens we hatch here on our farm. Most often these birds are hatched hundreds of miles away on breeder farms, sent through the mail at a day old, and then raised out. We're planning a more holistic approach in the long run and for this season it means our chicken supply will be limited to our current frozen inventory and a few smaller batches later in the season. The meat share will get first dibs, followed by orders through us for delivery at the meat share drop point, followed by the online markets if there are any left. 

Outside himming and hawing our way to big decisions, this winter also saw the creation of our shiny new website and tons of behind-the-scenes, techy streamlining of our marketing and record-keeping. These are mostly extremely boring, even to us, however the new newsletter format should help us keep in touch more easily, even during the busy season.

That's it for now folks, we look forward to hearing from you and sharing another great season in local food!