BIG PLANS: a series on where we're going, part 1

About 4 years ago, as Travis and I drove our Sunday afternoon, napping tots around on the best kind of date we could muster, we daydreamed and fantasized about the farm. We were just casually shopping for land, mostly sightseeing in our backwoods county. We were already well into this adventure we call 'Farm Girl' and knew that business and personal growth would require land of our own. This change would bring the opportunity to create a whole new system for our farm, the possibilities would only be limited by our energy and determination. I did much of the talking then, as always. I rambled on about near-wild herds of hogs helmed by fertile and fierce matriarchs. They would roam a forest of mast-producing trees, hanging acorn and persimmon enriched meat on sound frames built by superior genes. We would observe and support, not manage and confine. Our flock of chickens would also live by their instincts, scratching and pecking in fig groves and prairie grasses. In our flock, capable mother hens would raise thick, vigorous cockerels and understated layers of outlandishly beautiful eggs. We would live in a house made by our own hands, so small we would spend all our time outside, and our children would grow with the animals in the woods, their bare feet in the dirt, their hands full of sticks and grass and wild fruit. 

A few days later, we stumbled across a 30 acre mess of black berry brambles, scrubby oaks, and innumerable rocks that spoke to us. It has lowland, hills, creek, old wood, new wood, and proximity to town. We spent a year building our house, imbuing it with our quirks, filling it with our few precious things, and have since begun the lifetime effort of sculpting a little utopia around it. After the unwieldy beast that was 2013, some of the earliest dreams are finally on the work table. I couldn't be more excited. In fleshing out our plans, I realized some of you might be interested in our crazy ideas, ahem, my crazy ideas and over the next few posts I look forward to sharing them with you. Then, when you see instagram pictures of hens and their chicks, or pigs in a thicket, you'll know the secret- those critters aren't just cute, they're part of a master plan unfolding. 

Next up, part 2: "the whole thing about trees" that makes people fall asleep when I talk at them, also known as "no one cares except me but I'm so excited I'm going to tell you anyway".