Headlines: October 31, 2017

Last chance to enroll in winter farm share! Delivery begins the first week of December and enrollment is about to close. Don't delay. Follow one of these links already:

Our pigs want your pumpkins! Do you have any un-carved pumpkins leftover from your holiday decor? Make a herd of pigs squeal with delight and bring them to 1600 Tarrytown or Hillcrest Farmer's Market on one of the following dates:

  • Tarrytown- Monday Nov 6 or Nov 27 before 4 pm
  • Hillcrest Farmer's Market- Saturday Nov 11 or Dec 2 from 8a-12p

Gourd, pumpkins, and squashes of all kinds are welcome as long as they are intact. A little paint or soft spots are okay. A good rule of thumb is if you don't want to handle it, the pigs don't want to eat it.

Turkeys are sold out! 

Holiday gifts. This year we have Gift Certificates, Tshirts, bandanas, and hand carved kitchen spoons available for preorder and delivery by black Friday. Keep an eye on the webshop or email Katie for more details.