The boring stuff

Early the other morning, I was looking at Instagram, as we all do (right?!), and one of the farms I follow broke the romantic seal of Instagram with a "truth" post. These are the kind where we farmers talk about how hard it is to make ends meet despite long hours and abundant heart, or when all the machinery breaks on the same day, or the big flood/fire/storm that throws all the pieces in the air. Amy Shliffe of Blue Whistler Farm in Durham, NC found herself picking out animal pictures to post while she pumped gas and realized she should share the reality of how she spends her time "farming"- driving. 

The life of the animals is, in reality, about as romantic as the Instagram posts. They really do enjoy the sunsets, the camaraderie, and the lush pastures pretty much all the time. But your farmers do a lot that is decidedly less photo-worthy to make that life of leisure into a livelihood. I was inspired by Amy's post, mostly because there was no disaster to report, it wasn't a particularly exciting break from the lovely critter life, just the normal, mundane thing she does that makes the rest possible. In that vein, here are some of the mundane things I have been doing the last week that keep the wind in the sails of our jaunty little ship. Like Amy, this mostly means driving.