Farm Share Enrollment is OPEN!

Oh Farm Share, how we do love you. As farmers we get to really know our share families. We watch their kiddies grow, we bond over new braising techniques and picky eaters of all sizes, we craft our product lineup around real people and their weekly needs, and we fling our farm open wide for all to share. And most of all we delight in knowing just which lovely people the burgers and roasts and sausages will nourish day in and day out.

As shareholders, you get to know your food, really know it. Come see it on the hoof and in the field, hear the stories of the animal shenanigans and weather woes, witness the frown lines on the earnest folk who work all hours to raise it, and then taste the difference the love and open space makes on your plate. 

Many people signup for the farm share their first time for the fantastic price break and the best of our production, but they stay for the relationship and the fine dining. Whether you have been a longtime shareholder or this will be your first go 'round, we expect it to be the best yet. All the pork? Check. Big time free-range chicken? Check. More beef variety than ever before? Check. NEW allergy-sensitive yet highly addictive sausages? Check.

Lets spell out the options:


Full Share- $900 ($150 deposit, $93.75/mo)- Approximately 10 lbs at each pickup

Half Share- $460 ($80 deposit, $47.50/mo)- Approximately 5 lbs at each pickup

+ Add a Thanksgiving Turkey- $75 ($9.40/mo)

Delivery begins the first week of April and runs all the way through November! Along with your lovely meats, you'll receive our newsletter ahead of each delivery and 10% off any additional items ordered through the web store or at market. If you have any questions, shoot em' to or