A New Season of Meatshare!

We're enrolling right now for the 2014 meat/egg share!

What is it? 8 months of meat (pork, beef, & chicken) and/or eggs from our farm, delivered biweekly throughout the season to our Little Rock drop point. Some shareholder perks: a regular newsletter with in-depth updates from the farm, plenty of opportunity to customize their bundles, plus a hefty discount on any additional items ordered. 

Sounds great, but it all comes down to the dollaz, right? Here it is:

  • Meat Share - 20 lbs per month - $806 ($150 deposit, $82/mo)
  • Full Egg - 4 dozen per month - $136 ($20 deposit, $14.50/mo)
  • Half Egg - 2 dozen per month - $72 ($20 deposit, $6.50/mo)

Convinced? We hope so, since this is possibly the very best deal you can get from us. You get somewhere around 160 lbs of meat by the end of the season, your choice from our inventory, at about $5/lb. The mix includes bacon, chops, steaks, link sausages, all kinds of things that often run twice that amount. Friends grilling out and you need more brats? Anything additional you purchase is 15% off retail! 

To Sign Up: 

  1. Email Katie@farmgirlfood.com and let her know you want to join the team
  2. Read the contract thoroughly
  3. Fill out the last page and mail or bring it to us with your deposit. 

That's it! Now you're a shareholder and you can start picking up meat Tuesday, April 1