All of our products are raised and processed in accordance with the stringent standards of Animal Welfare Approved.



Our Boston Mountain Hogs live low-stress lives enjoying the the great outdoors of our densely wooded pastures. We do our best to treat them kindly, feed them well, and respect their “pigness”. They eat a smorgasbord of lush forages and gleanings from the woods and specially balanced grains. Thick-cut chops, luxuriously meaty ribs, unique and flavorful sausages- this is the pork you dream of.



With special breeding for active pasture life and flavor, free range to forage and play, and access to the very best of locally milled grains, our chicken is an eating experience not to be missed. 

Each batch lives its life on pasture from start to finish in our convertible brooder/field shelters. They grow more slowly than a "typical" chicken, but great flavors take time to develop. 


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Our beef comes from a Corriente and Wagyu cross. They are a mix of the oldest heritage breeds and are raised for the special conditions of pasture life in the South, as well as excellent eating quality. Completely grass fed, from start to finish, with no grain.