Farmer's Choice Value Bundle

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Farmer's Choice Value Bundle


This bundle features a variety of cuts steeply reduced in price due to packaging or processing irregularities. These irregularities do not in any way impact the quality or safety of the meat but may include:

  • bulk sausage or ground meat packages that have lost their labels
  • pork chops or beef steaks of unusually small or mismatched sizes
  • link sausages that are unusually short, long, or the wrong quantity per package
  • link sausages with split or irregular casings
  • whole roasting chickens with a wing or leg removed (wings and legs are prone to catching in the plucking machine and are removed during processing if broken this way)
  • unusually small cuts and roasts 

The contents of the bundle are chosen by us based on current inventory and could include any of the products of our farm such as cured pork, chicken, bulk and link sausages, ground beef, beef roasts and steaks. 

At least 8 lbs (up to 12 lbs possible),  no organ meats

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